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February 29, 2012


Foods that Worsen Wheat, Gluten Allergies

Learn about wheat-gluten allergy to eliminate it permanently.


Mechanically Separated Meat Found in Hotdogs, Spam, Burgers

Potentially contaminated produce entered the food chain, the so-called 'mechanically recovered meat' (MRM) or mechanically separated meat.


GMOs Far More Dangerous Due to Synergistic Toxicity

Multiple traits such as glyphosate-herbicide resistance and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) insecticidal toxins engineered together into the same plant, are likely far more dangerous to human health than previously believed.


Vaccination Rights Attorney Harrassed

New York State demands she surrender names of all clients.


Half-human, Half-sheep?

What is going on?


Bill Gates Ties Up With Monsanto

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's investments in Monsanto have come under heavy criticism. Is it time for the foundation to come clean on its visions for agriculture in developing countries?


Positive Power Image Reminds You of the Great Power Within

Positive powerful images help one to tap the powers within its mind.


Intention Has Its Powers

Be ready for what you wish for.

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Love Makes God a Reality

–From “Keeping in Touch 114


Could There be Meaning to Life?

Is reality what we think it is?


A Secret Survival Tool: Meditation

Can you believe that meditation could be a secret tool for survival?


Solar Roofs Recalled for Fire Hazard

Suntech America and Consumer Product Safety Commission recall SolarBlend Roof Tiles for a fire hazard.


Breathe in the Divine Abundance

Releasing that which no longer serves you is a powerful way to move back into the flow of abundance, and to cultivate freedom in your life.

February 28, 2012


The Prince of Peace on a Throne of Poise

I am a Prince of Peace Sitting on a Throne of Poise Directing the Kingdom of my Activities. –Anonymous


A Wounded Healer is a Threat to the Ill

Healer humbly addresses her own wounds.


Question to Ask Yourself: What is My Sense of Self?

Your sense of self reflects your own reality .

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