February 28, 2012 (7 years ago)

The Prince of Peace on a Throne of Poise

Often we feel unsettled by our thoughts, knocked off balance by their force and urgency, but when we practice this meditation we learn to return to the present moment, beginning to trust that the present moment contains all we need. In this way, we develop equanimity and learn to dance with changing circumstances rather than fight them.

Learn how to do this easy, beautiful, peace-promoting meditation right here:

1. Sit, as if you were on a throne, with dignity and stability. Allow your breath to move gently through your body. Let each breath be like a sigh, bringing with it a wave of calmness and relaxation.

2. Become aware of what feels closed and constricted in your body, your mind, and your heart. With each breath, let space open up those closed-in feelings. Let your mind expand into space, unobstructed and relaxed. Open your mind, your emotions, and your senses. Note whatever feelings, images, emotions, or sensations come to you.

3. Each time you feel carried away on a wave of thought, return to your sense of steadiness and connection with the earth. Feel as if you were sitting on a throne in the very heart of your world. As you sit, appreciate moments of stability and peace in life. Reflect on how the feelings, emotions, and stories that appear in your mind come into existence and then disappear. Return to your body and rest for a moment in the equanimity and peace that exists in the center of your thoughts, dreams, and memories.

4. Sit in this way for 10 minutes, then slowly stand up and take a few steps, walking with the same sense of awareness. Watch how your sense of solidity and balance continues after the mediation is over.