New Pope is an Old Rat

The new Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, has a past that is in keeping with the true Vatican agenda.

He admitted to being a member of Hitler Youth in his autobiography "Memoirs: 1927 - 1977, a fact is also covered in the 2002 biography written by Catholic writer John Allen Jr.. After joining Hitler Youth Ratzinger became a German soldier who manned anti-aircraft guns at a German BMW factory, planted mines in Hungary and ended up in an American POW camp. He enrolled in seminary school in the early 50's and in the early 80's was made Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

Hitler's rise to power could have only happened with the help of the catholic church. Most catholics were opposed to Hitler and had enough political power to keep him at bay. It was only after the church made a deal to put Fascist Mussolini into power that Hitler decided to seek a similiar alliance. As a good catholic, Hitler had actually studied to be a priest but had become disillusioned with church hypocricy and turned away from the church.

The CDF was formerly named Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition (Inquisition). It is the same organization responsible for the sadistic torture and murder of countless people from the earliest days of the church up until the 18th century. It is estimated that as many ten million people were killed by the catholic church in the six centuries that the Inquisition operated.

  "As Grand Inquisitor for Mother Rome, Ratzinger keeps himself busy in service to the Truth: correcting theological error, silencing dissenting theologians, and stomping down heresy wherever it may rear its ugly head..." - The Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club

Contrary to Catholic propaganda, the Inquisitors weren't out to simply keep the church free of dissenters. Segni, a distinguished Catholic writer of the sixteenth century wrote "The Inquisition was invented to rob the rich," H. C. Lea's History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages (3 vols., 1888) and History of the Inquisition of Spain (1906) are considered to be authorities on the subject.

As head of the CDF Ratzinger was involved in the massive coverup of the sexual abuse by children by catholic priests, bishops and cardinals. When a group of victims filed suit in the secretive Vatican court to seek the exommunication of child abuser Father Marcial Maciel it was Ratzinger that threw the suit out, despite substantial evidence against Maciel. Maciel was the founder of the Legion of Christ, an organization that recruits children to leave their homes and study for priesthood at enclaves around the world.

When approached by ABC News' Brian Ross in Rome with questions of allegations against Father Marciel, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became visibly upset and actually slapped Ross's hand.

As one of the most wealthy organizations on Earth and certainly the most powerful and wealthy religious organization, the catholic church has a long history of ciminal and evil activity and it is apparent that nothing will change with the appointment of its new figurehead.

By Bill Phillips